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Archive for July, 2013

Product Description
“The survival of your local business in 2012 and beyond depends on the Internet.” Gone are the days of relying on print advertising as your only source of new customers. The Internet is now the #1 tool for consumers to find local businesses. Without a strong web presence, you are guaranteed to be losing business to your competitors. In this book, you will learn vital strategies to get your local business found online. These include: Building an e… More >>

Marketing Your Local Business Online: Key Strategies to Increasing Sales and Profit Using the Internet

What is local market?

Ok. I’ve got this question for my economics. After lot of diggings, I am quite confused. Is local market synonymous to : traditional markets/ town market square?
And, does this picture represent a local market:


Please proof-read the following answer I prepared:
Local markets are traditional form of markets. In earlier times, most markets were local. People provided for their wants by their own efforts, and very few of the things they needed were purchased from other people (i.e., other cities or countries). Primitive means of transport made it difficult or impossible to produce goods for sale over a wide area.

So, the basis of local markets is regional self-sufficiency (and also self-service). It is a form of closed regional market system.

For example, most towns of the world still have a market square or market hall where buying and selling take place, where the buyers meet sellers to do business with one another.

What is local internet marketing?

What is local internet marketing? and what is all bout GetListed.org ?
Please guys explain in a simple language, i am a beginner. :)

why buy from local markets?

i need a few statistics on buying from local markets. why should we buy from local markets? how much gas is wasted to deliver food from non-local markets?
i need something for a persuasive essay on this topic

local labor market outlook…?

ok so my teacher made us do a report on a career u were interested in and i chose physician assistant(PA) and one one the question asks for the local labor market outlook of this career and i have no idea what that means…help (please)

Product Description
Entrepreneurs & Consultants Warning: Most who launch a local mobile marketing business will fail. Fellow entrepreneur or consultant, did your business earn as much as it could have last month?
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A real world guide to bui… More >>

Mobile Marketing: Strategies For Mobile Consultants To Build A Profitable Local Marketing Business

Local Startup Business

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Local Startup Business

what is a local market?

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