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Live Website Redesign: Watch Jose Work

Ever get tired of hearing us talk about web design and just want to see us work? Then this is the show for you then! Today’s episode is a preview of the type of bonus content memebers of the ThisWeekIn Web Design Producers Program will see monthly. With today’s episode we get a shot of Illustrator-fueled design adrenaline as Jose jumps in the designer’s hot seat and demonstrates tools, techniques, and his own unique approach to designing a web site. With this episode you truly can watch an expert work! 00:00 Introduction 02:06 The benefits of joining the ThisWeekIn Web Design Producer’s Program 02:49 Jose talks about his unique approach to design decisions 04:30 Setting goals and expectations for every design session 06:45 The best designers understand the subject matter intimately 08:40 Timeboxing and setting up the Backlog 12:00 Expert tips for working in Illustrator 16:00 Setting up the page in Illustrator for the fold 17:25 Using grids and the importance of setting them up early 18:30 Why use Illustrator rather than Photoshop for the design phase? 28:35 References: competitors, colors, and typography 32:00 Color decisions 34:15 Going back to the Brand Attributes in the Workbook 36:30 Exploring typography 42:00 Designing a color system between work, play, and life 44:30 Creating a subsystem for the shows based off the network identity 48:00 Designing the typography system 52:00 Prioritizing the content over the design 56:00 Comparing use of gradients in competitors

Subliminal Suggestion

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Subliminal Suggestion

webdevils.biz Learn how to create links inside your posts and pages using WordPress in this video tutorial brought to you by the Web Devils team.

Bliss Every Day

Bliss Every Day Gives Practical Solutions To The Every Day Challenges Of Life. In It You Will Discover How To Make Your Mind Your Friend, Make Peace With Your Past And Live Your Life On Purpose.
Bliss Every Day

Atlas de mitocanie urbana 2: Specimene noi



Http://www.21-trading-systems.com Is All About Providing The Trader With Quality, Educational Trading Knowledge And Outstanding Service. This Is A Complete Trading Package. A Structured Plan. Money Management. 21 Exit Strategies + 21 Trading Systems.

Using WordPress 3.0.4

Google Juice – Best SEO Book Of 2011

Google Juice Is The Newest Ebook Covering SEO And Social Media To Help Get Anyone (small Business / Bloggers/ Realtors / Musicians / Etc) To The Top Of The Google Search Results And Helps Them “get Found Online.” Click To Watch The Video!
Google Juice – Best SEO Book Of 2011

Teen Top – Supa Luv ( Niel’s Mistake)

Look at the shock face of Niel at 2:34…. Niel fighting!!!! =3 follow this link to see the pic: asia4you.wordpress.com

Central Repository For (a) User’s Favorite Recipes (b) Cut & Pasted Recipes (c) User’s Household Hints (d) Cut & And Pasted Hints. Comes With Reader For Distribution To Friends Or Sale. Book Can Be Built As Only Vegetarian, Only Kosher, Only Low Sodium ..
Unique Diy Feature Rich Recipe And Housegold Hints Book

SSH Feedback After bantering about our upcoming travels to Waynesville, Missouri and Toronto, Ontario and a little griping about zipit segmentation faults, we get into your feedback on recent SSH segments. Dzaztur recommends Gnome SSH Tunnel Manager. It’s a sleek front-end for managing SSH tunnels, port redirects and more. Tunnel configuration is stored in a simple XML formal, great for portability, and the tunnels can be managed individually through one simple GUI. Thanks for the tip Dzaztur Lozo points out that Mac OS-X has SSH built into the terminal, much like Linux. So true. We banter with Paul-the-camera-guy about the Mac OS-X kernel, which turns out is XNU — an accronym for X is Not Unix. So there ya go! Sp4m says if you’re running Firefox over SSH you might want to look into remote DNS lookups. By default DNS lookups aren’t done through the proxy. This can be resolved by typing about:config in the address bar, and enabling the network.proxy.socks_remote_dns setting. Thanks Sp4m. And Finally Post_Break from IamTheKiller.net points us to Secret Socks — a SSH Socks Proxy GUI front-end for Mac OS-X that he likes a ton more than SSHTunnel 1.6. [Edit: We made a mistake and called it Secure Socks in the segment] And finally we go kitteh before moving on… 00:36 Play Certificate Authentication for SSH In this segment Darren explains why certificate authentcation is a bajillion times better than password authentcation and demonstrates the configuration using Ubuntu 9.10

Auto Traffic Nirvana

Imagine A World Where You Never Have To Build A Backlink Ever Again.
Auto Traffic Nirvana

Make The Ultimate Facebook Fanpage Site For Free

No More Iframe Plugins, No More WordPress. Just Drag & Drop. Full Affiliate Support & Toolbox Given. Massive On/offline Promotions. Simple Drag And Drop Application. Create Page Tabs With PayPal® Buttons & More For Free, Forever! Unleash The Secret.
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The Rebel Consultant

Many Dream Of Their Own Consulting Business. A Real Consultant With 20+ Years Experience Teaches How. 3 Hours Of Video Training With Material That Some Take A Lifetime To Learn. Custom Sales Pages And Email Copy Upon Request. Will Help You Sell!
The Rebel Consultant

Menu and Widgets Working Together

When WordPress introduced the new menuing system in version 3.0, many of us were overjoyed. Finally, the ability to add anything to a menu, without the need to update the theme files. Just drag and drop into the menu container, and if a theme used the new menu system, it would be automatically updated. And theme could be retrofitted to use the new menu system pretty easily. Pretty sweet! Recently, I was crafting the look of my sidebar when I realized I was using WordPress’ new menu system and the new Custom Menu widget. I decided to record the work session and narrate with some explanations while I did it. This video will show you how to add a new custom menu, insert a Custom Menu widget to the sidebar and craft the overall look and feel of your content on secondary pages. To see the full sized version of this video, visit www.videos.bycenay.com

This Ebook Throws Light On The Complexities Of Life And Its Balance. Their In-depth Explanations And Simplistic Nature Will Reveal Much More And In An Easier Manner, Than What One May Gain Through A Maze Of Books And Sessions With Experts.
Know Thyself- A Friendly Path To Self Discovery And Spiritual Connect

110226 Oh my school Ep.14 [Thai sub] 1/5

เสียไม่ค่อยดีนะคะ แปลงไฟล์แล้วพลาด =*= ซอรี่ Credits Eng sub: pikeyenny.wordpress.com Thai sub: GlitteryTH(at)youtube.com DL: kpoplover.com ค่ะ –( ขอสงวนสิทธ์ Re-upload นะคะ :D )— [[[[--NO COPYRIGHTS INFRINGEMENT INTENDED. all done in order to spread the LURVEEEEEE--]]

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Managing WordPress – A Brief Insight

A Brief Insight into using WordPress. And a good 24/7 Support site to use it with. Many people believe they are only for beginers. This is NOT ture! Please go to: www.SharpeHost.com To buy your own very cheap webhost with free one-click installs for FREE. This is cheap so grab now before prices go up. Over 40 script including popular scripts like WordPress seen here. Remember: www.SharpeHost.com

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