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Cartoons And Blogs

Who says a blog can’t be humorous? It can be. In fact, it should be regardless of the subject matter tackled. Everybody needs a good laugh. Humor is something that people inherently crave to experience and at the same time want to share and what better way than with cartoons.

A blog is an online diary made up of short, frequently updated entries or posts that are arranged in reverse chronological order. In simple terms, a blog is where you write stuff on an ongoing basis. New stuff appears at the top of the blog page where visitors can read them. Readers can either comment on the post, link to it or they may choose not to. Many blogs are personal, “what’s in my mind” type of musings. Many people use blogs to organize personal thoughts. In recent years, blogging has become a phenomenon. It has evolved and now includes blogs that command influence and enjoy a global audience. These successful blogs have become effective channels for millions of people to have a voice and connect with others.

The personality of the blogger is the defining factor whether a blog will succeed or not. Dull and uninteresting blogs will not entice readers. Readers want to be informed but would like to be entertained too. Everybody knows that blogs demand readership to survive. Without readers, what is the purpose of the blog?

Sad to say, many bloggers take themselves and their writing too seriously. They have forgotten, albeit unintentionally, to have fun along the way and engage their readers in an exciting and pleasurable conversation. Sometimes, because of the gravity of the topic under discussion, bloggers tend to overlook that blogging is supposed to be an enriching but enjoyable part of their everyday life and the readers as well. Blogging is meant to be an effective but satisfying communication medium for sharing ideas and relevant information with others. Often times, instead of injecting wit and humor to the blog, the post ends up plain and dry, nothing that stirs interest or even bring a smile to the face of the readers.

You can employ different wonderful ways to make your blog fun and exciting. To break the monotony, you can write lighthearted posts that can also be related to your subject matter. Readers will appreciate a good laugh and can even relax their mind. A number of readers visit blogs not just to be informed about the freshest information but they are also hungry for articles that will tickle their funny bones. To lighten the mood, there are fun things you can do to your blog. You can provide horoscope readings of the stars, the moon, the planet or anything. You can even put a weekly crossword puzzle on your blog. Another idea is to write a comedy monologue detailing the hilarious blunders you committed or anything that will give life to your blog. Perhaps you can even post cartoons or run a series of them; something that your readers can look forward to and provide them with a good laugh. Cartoonists would just be ecstatic to display their work on your blog.

Cartoons are illustrations, usually humorous in nature. Cartoons may also be satirical illustrations of ideas. Caricatures, on the other hand, are satirical illustrations of people mostly famous personalities. Modern gag cartoons are typically published on magazines, newspapers and recently displayed on the Internet. A gag cartoon consists of a single drawing with a caption or speech balloon immediately below the illustration. A very popular take on cartoons are the editorial cartoons. They are variations of gag cartoons found almost exclusively in news publications. They also use humor but on a more serious tone usually using irony or biting wit to expose a vice or folly. The cartoons show a visual metaphor to bring home a point of view on present day and more often than not controversial social and political issues. They also include speech balloons and sometimes multiple panels.

In the United Kingdom, “comic strips” are called “strip cartoons” and are published daily in newspapers. These are basically brief series of cartoon illustrations. In the United States, they are known as “comics” or “funnies”, not cartoons. But the creators of comic strips as well as comic books and graphic novels are all referred to as cartoonists.

Cartoonist Mark Anderson has come up with one-of-a-kind daily cartoon add-ons for bloggers. You can now integrate free daily cartoons into your blog pages. If you want to inject some fun into your blog, you can add an “on topic” cartoon of the day to your blog. One of the distinguishing characteristics of the cartoon add-on is the presentation. Basically, graphic add-ons require a number of configurations. These would necessitate new pages and complicated codes. But Anderson’s cartoon add-ons work as polished thumbnails that can be displayed anywhere within your blog with just a single cut and paste code that allows for easy integration. The cartoon add-ons are often incorporated into the navigation sidebars. Readers can click to enlarge the image. A small new window pops up and shows the full size cartoon without covering or moving away from the original post.

The inventory of cartoon add-ons is refreshed daily so you are assured of new cartoon add-ons everyday. You can choose from an array of categories. This includes business cartoons, family cartoons, animal cartoons and many more. In this way, you can fit the cartoon’s humor to your post topic.

Dave Walker who draws cartoons for “The Church Times” and writes and draws for “The Cartoon Blog” and “The Dullest Blog in the World” has created extremely niche blogs. It is free to re-use his cartoons for blogs, mainly because he wants readers to enjoy his work. He also hopes that there may be readers who may like his works so much that they may be willing to pay to re-publish a cartoon or take interest in one of his other pet projects like “The Cartoon Blog” or “CartoonChurch.com”.

Even business blog networks have included business-related cartoons in their business blogs. Know More Media, an online publisher of business information and news and one of the world’s recognized business blog networks carry cartoons on a number of their niche business blogs. The cartoons are witty and insightful while still pertaining to the business world. A dose of witty humor adds value to the blogs. Know More Media even aspires that more creative and original cartoonists will partner with them in the future, proof that cartoons will be daily staples in some blogs. Cartoons have the ability to communicate the truth through the use of humor.

“Writing and cartooning are very close cousins.” one cartoonist equipped. Writing a blog can help organize a blogger’s thoughts and help spark cartoon ideas. More and more cartoonists are publishing their works on blogs and really find an audience without having to pass through editors. Blogs with cartoons tend to draw attention to a blog thus driving traffic. With cartoons on blogs, the readers can react in a positive and often happy manner. A blog can keep readers laughing. In this day and age, a little humor and a more relaxed atmosphere might just be what everybody needs. Laughter is still the best medicine so have fun with your blog.

http://www. theinternetone. net


Web Site Design Manchester

The continuing growth in the web has brought with it many advantages for those with an astute business mind. Being a relatively inexpensive publicity and commercial tool, a business can truly benefit from a link to its market via the internet. Placing your business on the internet will enable 24 hours a day, 7 days a week access for many of your potential clients. Whether it is a brochure-ware or a database driven product showcase, you are guaranteed potential growth.

City scope media web design is a leading web site design in Manchester. They spend many hours optimizing their website so that it could work well in three main search engines. These engines are Google which has a 75% market share of all search engines on the internet, MSN and Yahoo which make up the remainder. On a monthly basis their main web site is checked for areas of improvement. Web site design Manchester has the software and skilled staff required to submit and highly rank your web site on the search engines mentioned above. With professional qualifications and several years experience in designing web sites web site design Manchester guarantees a first class web service and finished product. Great care is taken in supplying their clients with high search engine positioning and the high rank is evident of their capabilities. Projects are undertaken as a web consultancy or as web designers who can provide a website that transforms your business.

Affordable web site design Manchester are at low cost web design prices which are very competitive and based on a complexity of the design and development work involved. Prices at web design Manchester range from £299.00 for a four page web site, which includes Domain name, email accounts, digital photography, hosting, search engine submission and high quality to £599.00 for an eight page.

Written by Charles Lamston. More information is available on Web site design Manchester

WordPress Maid is a powerful tool to post XML-Files to your Blog. If you get product data or lists in Xml from your partner/affiliate program you will be able to post many unique articles within a few minutes.
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Online Video Marketing Myths Exposed!

GideonShalwick.com I get this all the time. People tell me three reasons why they dont want to get into online video marketing. And inside today’s video, I want to totally bust all those myths! Once you’ve watched today’s video, you’ll know why there really is no reason at all for getting into online video marketing in a big way. Online video is one of the fastest growing areas online, and now is the time to get involved and get your videos online. Talk soon! Gideon Shalwick PS Don’t forget to rate my video and also leave a comment if you’ve got something extra to add.

As you can surmise, one of the principal reasons why businesses find blogs effective as business tools is they help generate or increase sales. While there is no quantitative amount with regards to the exact monetary significance of blogging on sales, there are evidences of some sort of return on investment. Increase in sales can be and often is one of the indirect effects of successful blogging.

Blogs – Good for Business

Imagine sitting in front of your computer with millions of people (shareholders, business partners, competitors, employees and the media) conversing about business and the like. Now imagine if you can use all the information you learned to establish what product or service your customers want, why they want it, how they want it and how much they are willing to pay for it. This is precisely what a blog is all about and much more. Definitely, blogs are good for businesses.

A blog or a weblog is an interactive website that maintains an ongoing chronicle of information. It is a regularly updated website featuring links to other articles or other websites. Generally, a blog tends to have a main content area with articles called posts or entries listed in reverse chronological order with the latest on top. Typically, these articles are organized in categories. There is also an archive of articles based on dates. A blogroll, a list of links to other related sites is another feature of a blog.

A blog may contain one or more feeds. Most blogs publish feeds (RSS, RDF, Atom). A feed is a machine-readable content that is updated periodically. A feed reader displays the new post and a link to it. Most blogs also have a feature that allows visitors to leave comments. With a blog, you publish fresh content and your readers can add their own comments with links to their own blogs. Easy to use blogging tools are available, often for free. A basic blogging tool provides an interface where you can work in an easy and intuitive manner while it takes care of the rest of the logistics involved in making your blog presentable and available for the public.

Blogging, authoring or maintaining a blog, is one of the rapidly increasing growth areas of the Internet. According to popular search engine Technorati, there are roughly more than 40 million blogs on the Internet today and more blogs are appearing at the rate of 75,000 a day. This is mainly due to the numerous benefits of blogging for business.

A blog has a powerful marketing capability to grow your business, be it small or big. You can now have a commanding presence on the Web, not one based on size, capital, or resources but one based on quality of content, targeted audience and useful products and services. With blogs as equalizers, the blogosphere has become a truly exciting playing field for all businesses.

A blog is a constant source of valuable and up-to-date information. Setting up a blog allows you to showcase your expertise and establish yourself as a thought leader in your industry. A blog can be your vehicle for product or service updates, company news and any other information you want to relay to your targeted audience. A blog must contain relevant information, not just sales pitches; otherwise readers are much less likely to return. As with any part of a business marketing plan, a blog must contain information that appeals to its targeted audience.

A blog is an effective method to communicate with clients and prospects. It allows you to openly and regularly converse with them increasing credibility, creating trust and forming relationships with them early on. A blog with its conversational style is ideal for developing good customer relationships. Readers will feel comfortable with you long before they call you to make a purchase or avail of your service.

A blog is a great tool to get feedback from readers. Your readers can leave comments or make inquiries. A blog is a great way to find out what readers are thinking and in the process provides you with ideas or how to better serve them thus improving your business. Forming business decisions based on reader feedbacks can be one of the smartest business moves you can ever make.

Nevertheless, to be effective, a blog has to be updated frequently. Readers do not visit blogs that do not feature fresh content regularly. Keeping readers in the know with periodic posts about your business creates buzz and publicity. There is work involved in creating a blog. It takes time and commitment to write interesting and informative blog posts. But it may prove to be well-spent especially if it helps generate sales.

Blogs and Sales – In Tandem

Sales require personal interaction. A blog is one such place where communication thru conversations thrives and relationships are fostered. When you give your readers significant information they can use through your blog consistently, they will be satisfied. They will then return for more fresh content on a regular basis. Overtime, you will be able to build a loyal following. Readers will see you as an expert in your particular niche. Your readers will come to trust you and a relationship is developed. Your readers will perceive that it is less of a risk to buy from you or avail of your service. If you can blog efficiently about your subject, they tend to believe that your product or service will be worth it.

By blogging, you are sending the message that there is someone listening, someone you can approach as can be gleamed from answered comments and fresh updates. This will make your readers feel more secure and will take this into consideration as they form a purchasing decision. Blogging is inherently an ongoing conversation that in the long run builds trust and loyalty and breeds familiarity. When they become satisfied customers, they will come to you for more information and if given the choice will want to buy from you. This strengthens the relationship between you and your customers and they may also send other sales lead your way. The cycle goes on. Moreover, a blog is a remarkably effective way to get high search engine ranking. In other words, blogs can bring in more readers – more prospective buyers.

A much publicized example that highlights the natural relationship between blogs and sales is the Stormhoek case. Blogging doubled South African wine producer Stormhoeks’s sales in less than twelve months. Aware of the vast numbers of people who blog and read posts, Stormhoek decided to capitalize on this by offering bloggers free bottles of the Stormhoek Shiraz 2004 and Sauvignon Blanc 2005 to try and comment on. Sales went up from 50,000 cases to 100,000 cases. The wine became popular and earned it listings in prestigious wine connoisseur clubs. What is more, Stormhoek gets feedbacks and suggestions ranging from bottle color to label design.

Blogging is marketing to people in a less obtrusive and offensive manner, more like a freewheeling conversation compared to an irritating sales pitch. It truly is a good way to increase sales, albeit indirectly.

http://www. theinternetone. net

Web Traffic Machines

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Web Traffic Machines

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Does Your Traffic Suck?

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Building a Web site using CSS, which is a cascading style sheet, allows the user to use the same colors, style and visual applications on each page of the Web site without repeating the code. Create a style sheet that applies to each Web page with advice from an IT engineer in this free video on Web sites.

Video tutorial: Add audio to your Facebook Page using WordPress – from Cat’s Web Weave – WordPress Web Weaving and Training in Nevada City, CA

Successful Internet Marketer Looking For Partner

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The Benefits of Blogging

Blogging, what is it? You’ve heard talk about blogging but are one of those people who don’t quite understand what it is. That’s alright, as we’ll go over what a blog is, the history of blogs, what they are used for and why they are important to your online business.

What is a blog

A blog is essentially like a journal where people can post their thoughts and have them read and commented on by anyone.

What is a blogger

A blogger is someone who creates a blog and posts on it.

Brief history of blogs

Weblogs, simply known as blogs now, haven’t been around for that long. The roots of the blog can be traced back to 1994 when people kept online journals (diaries) in which they wrote about things in their life.

Our current blog has been around for an even shorter period of time. In 1998, Open Diary created a site in which its users could post blogs that had the ability to be commented on by other people.

The popular free blogging site called Blogger was created in 1999 by Evan Williams and Meg Hourihan. Blogger was later purchased by Google in 2003.

Despite the fact that blog sites have been in existence since 1998, they have only been popular for 5 or 6 years. In 2001, how-to-blog manuals were published and the phenomenon has only taken off since that point.

What are blogs used for?

In the very beginning, blogs were usually used to talk about a person’s life. People would make blog posts about things happening in their life, thus using the blog as a public journal.

Over time, the use of the blog evolved. People began using the blog to post their opinions about everything from politics to religion to sports to music, among other things.

Nowadays, blogs are even used to make money—one 20-year-old makes $5,000 from Google per month because he has Google Ads on his blog. Businesses have also begun to effectively use blogs for their own purposes.

Why are blogs important to your online business?

Millions of people from all over the world read blogs every day. Those who have a blog are given a lot of exposure—there is the potential for them to have millions of unique readers each day.

Can you imagine having a million people see your business’ name each day? That sounds pretty incredible, doesn’t it? Yet, that’s exactly what could happen if you create and maintain a successful, well-read blog. And that’s actually a pretty easy thing to do.

So how exactly can you use the blog to help your online business? Well, you can use it in a variety of ways.

You could:

• Use the blog to discuss things related to your field of business. For instance, if your business provides web hosting services, you could discuss things related to web hosting, thus showing potential customers how much of a guru you are.

• Let your employers have their own blogs to talk about your services/products. The more active blogs that reference your business, the more exposure you’ll get.

• Use your business blog to keep current customers updated on new services/products available.

• Post news about your business, as well as start rumors about potential happenings in your online business.

• Get feedback from current and potential customers on your products/services. For instance, you could make a post on a new product, giving details about it. Then your existing customers or potential customers could give their opinion on it.

• Promote your online business on your blog by making blog posts with information on what your business offers.

• Install Adsense on your blog and make extra revenue from ads clicked, thereby helping your business to be more profitable.

There are really a lot of possibilities to how you can use a blog to help your business, even more than those listed here. Blogs that are hosted on your site (by using a program like WordPress) can help your site achieve a higher ranking in search engines. This is because blogs are search engine friendly (Google is known to list them after only a few days, whereas it takes regular web sites weeks to appear on a search engine). Having a high search engine ranking is crucial to having a successful online business. Blogs help you to increase your ranking, which will increase your business.

The great thing about blogs is that they are easy to use and also very effective. Start a blog today and watch your business’ notoriety grow.

Terry Detty, 42, all aspects of Internet marketing and out occasionally to enjoy a fresh breeze. Online E-mail marketing, time management software and credit repair.

Como instalar um blog WordPress

DinheiroOportunidade.com Este video mostra como instalar um blogue WordPress através do Fantastico. A instalação de um blogue WordPress é muito fácil e demora menos de um minuto.

This beginner-level tutorial by Mark McLaren of McBuzz Communications teaches you to wrap text around an image using WordPress version 2.5 or later. And it shows how to insert an image and align it left, right or center. In earlier version 2.3 and earlier of WordPress, it was necessary to use the Code (HTML) editing window to insert a bit of HTML (using cascading style sheets) to get images and text to line up right. WordPress 2.5 and 2.6 improve text wrapping. Additional HTML code is not necessary. Just use the Add an Image dialog box to set image alignment, and text wraps nicely and aligns well with the image.

To build and run the success profitable blogs for earning extra money on the internet, you must know how to do it properly. You will discover basic great tips to build your own blogs, get your blogs seen on the internet and become an outstanding among competitors on the internet. You will learn how to build, run and grow your blogs, as your marketing channel, in this article.

Generally, blogs are also known as web logs. Those blogs are the fastest growing technology on the internet. With there being so many blogs on the internet right now, how do you make your blogs known and get people to read it. How do you have the most often read blog on the niche market that you are promoting? My experiences show that there are many people who are trying to all accomplish the same thing. The big issue is how you can become an outstanding among those people.

There are several things that you can do to make your blog online marketing a success, and I am going to cover some of them in this article. I am going to share you 8 basic great tips to build your own successful blogs.

1. The first thing that you should know is that you should have your blog URL pointing to your niche market. For example, if you are trying to promote and sell sunglasses from your blog, you want your URL to say www.sunglasses.blogurl.com. Doing so will give you an extra advantage.

The free blog platform is rarely in my home based internet marketing business. Personally, I believe that the reliability will realize on your blog platform as well. Many people use the free blog platforms for their home based internet marketing business, which I don’t recommend you to use them.

2. The next step you should do in your blog online marketing is to customize your own blog. Rather than having the same old blog interface like everyone else has, make your unique and interesting to look at. There are so many types of blog software on the market that having your own look should not be that difficult to accomplish.

3. Obviously it appears that the keyword research is another very important element of your blog online marketing. If you are not using the keywords on which people search, then no one is going to find your blogs. I recommend you to have variety of niche keywords in your blog. It should not just the same one over and over. Not everyone just uses the term ‘sunglasses’ when they are searching for shades to keep the sun out of their eyes. Remember, the effective keyword research is an important factor to drive more traffic to your blogs.

4. In general, using SEO on your blog, which stands for search engine optimization, is a great idea as well. SEO will help get your blog out there and read, and will also help you get a better ranking with Google. Being as high as you can be in the Google search engine results is something that you want.

5. Exchanging the link among other blogs is a great approach to grow your blog’s popularity. Find other sites and blogs that are in the same market as yours, but not in direct competition with you to exchange links with. This will help you out a lot as well, especially if you can get some good exchanges with high authority sites. The higher the page rank of your link exchange, the better for your blog.

6. Many internet entrepreneurs do not realize this, but having a different title tag in the HTML code on each page makes a big difference. If you have given the first page on your blog the title of ‘sunglasses’, you need to be sure that none of your other pages are named this. Doing so will make Google think that you are spamming that keyword, and that will result in them punishing your blog URL.

7. When you have done your own keyword research, you will want to write content based on the research you have done. Using one or two keywords, make entries into your blog using the keywords will make it easy for your blog to be indexed under those terms. That will also result in people searching on those particular terms able to find your blog.

8. At last, pinging your blog frequently is another great way to have your blog seen. Every time that you update it, use the ping tools to ping it. This will let all of the blog directories know that you have added something new to your blog. This also brings you in some more traffic.

Final thoughts, I strongly believe that blog online marketing is pretty much the same as website marketing. However, if you have never had a website and are not familiar with marketing, the above great tips will help you get started. Be sure that you put new entries into your blog on a regular basis as well. This will help keep you up to date and current and also will keep your readers coming back for more.

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