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Archive for February, 2010

Zoobie The Internet Marketing Newbie (Episode 1)

Zoobie the Internet Marketing Newbie (Episode 1). Watch as Zoobie the internet marketing newbie tries to unleash the secrets of Adsense!!Created by Russell Brunson. Check out www.zoobie.tv

Robert Scoble’s five tips for Video blogging

www.thomascrampton.com Caught up with Robert Scoble recently – aka scobleizer – who gave five tips for better video blogging. (Including choosing a better camera angle than the one I did with this interview!) Full posting on www.thomascrampton.com

How WordPress Has Changed My Life

Glenda Watson Hyatt, aka the Left Thumb Blogger, shares how blogging with wordpress has enabled her to be heard by the world and increased her circle of friends. She blogs at www.doitmyselfblog.com.

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Using WordPress To Make Easy Websites (not blogs)

leadgenerationjunkie.com Here’s a little trick I use to make some kick-butt websites and I don’t know how to do design or programming. WordPress makes it so easy and fun to make sites plus it’s free so you can’t beat that. Check out more training videos on how to make money online at leadgenerationjunkie.com

How to make Squeeze Pages using WordPress

Learn how to use Glen mcniel’s customized WordPress installation for Internet Marketing to create a Squeeze Page. Whether you call it a squeeze page, name capture page, optin page, reverse squeeze page, or a landing page, you’ll learn how to create them using WordPress WITHOUT interfering with your blog/website content or page navigation. This is a must see for anyone who wants to get up and running with email marketing quickly and inexpensively.

4 Ways To Increase Traffic To Your Blog

Are you constantly blogging but the numbers you see in your traffic logs are embarrassingly low? It can be maddening to check your stats and realize that no one is actually stopping by. Don’t give up yet, because there are four great ways you can get traffic fast.

Traffic Tip #1: Do Your Keyword Research

Many bloggers make the mistake of thinking they can just throw some posts up there and expect to get traffic. There is a lot more to it than that! You need to make sure you are looking at the keyword data to find terms that are getting a lot of searches. Ideally, you want these terms to have low competition so it’s easier for you to rank. Once you start basing your posts around these kinds of keywords you should find that you’re getting a lot more traffic.

Traffic Tip #2: Write Enticing Articles Off-Site

Submitting to article directories isn’t just a good way to get backlinks to your site, it’s also a great way to get readers! Sites like EzineArticles.com have their own readership of people who are looking for the exact topic you’re blogging about. If you write a compelling article that leads into your resource box, people will be enticed to visit your blog.

Traffic Tip #3: Give People a Reason to Come Back

Getting traffic in the first place is one thing, but what you want to do as a blogger is have them coming back over and over again. The best way to do this is to create special offers or exciting events. For example, you can give away a prize each week to the new people who subscribed to your list or your feed. You can also run a contest for people who leave answers as comments on your blog posts. Make your blog a happening place to be and people will want to visit often and tell their friends.

Traffic Tip #4: Create Linkbait

Linkbait is when you write a blog post that is so exciting or controversial it gets people to come to your blog, comment, and link to the post. You may share some shocking news or offer an opinion you know is bound to stir people’s emotions. You do need to have thick skin when you write linkbait! Don’t expect everyone to agree with your opinion.

An example of linkbait is going the opposite way everyone else goes. For instance, imagine you have an electronics blog and you decide to review the iPhone. After reviewing the product you decide you don’t like it. You then write to tell your readers why. Since this was a product everyone was gaga over when it first came out the chances are good you would have gotten a strong reaction right off the bat.

There you have it! These are four solid ways you can start to increase the traffic on your blog as soon as possible. When you put these methods to work you’ll realize that the secrets to getting great traffic were in front of you the whole time.


www.marketingprofessor.com Discussing a post with linkedin marketing tips as well as a post on internet video marketing tips for social networking on youtube. Recap of blog activity for the week of 2-23-2009 linkedin Marketing-Connecting Business Blogs www.marketingprofessor.com 3 Internet Video Marketing Tips for Social Networking on youtube www.marketingprofessor.com Please Subscribe, Rate, and Favor (What about comments you ask? Sure, they are welcome too. :-) Recorded 2-27-2009

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This beginner-level wordpress tutorial shows you how to use the new wordpress version 2.7 Dashboard, also called the wordpress site administration “back-end” or editing interface. It’s a very basic introduction to new features of the Dashboard like drag and drop admin modules (boxes of content), how to open and close module windows and menu options – very cool! – how to collapse and expand sidebar menus, and how to hide or show individual modules throughout the Dashboard. For more in-depth comments and a complete list of wordpress tutorials by Mark mclaren of mcbuzz Communications, or to contact Mark mclaren with questions or comments, please visit mcbuzz.wordpress.com

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Don’t Get Scammed! Learn affiliate marketing using Web 2.0 technology. It’s cheaper, faster and earns you more money than traditional sites.

Perfect for beginners, Ground Up Affiliate Marketing teaches you how to make money online without fancy technical language. Follow step by step instructions to create, launch and market your new business. Using free services like WordPress, affiliate marketing website templates and other top notch tools designed to maximize your earning potential you do not need any experience in online marketing or designing websites. This Guide shows it all to you.

My name is Lesley Morgan, and I’m a marketing executive with over 15 years in the business. My career is uncovering new products, trends and audiences where there is money to be made and devising ways on how to market profitably. One of the profitable methods is through affiliate marketing. I had a lot of fun developing new sites, creating lead generating campaigns and even constructing merchant programs.

About 5 years ago, I divorced and became a single mom to my twins. I wanted to make a career change so that I could raise my family. Affiliate marketing is the type of business that you can launch and make good money from with little effort and hardly any maintenance. So while I was working full-time I launched a few sites to get the ball rolling. Now, I’m a stay-at-home mom earning well-enough money for my family to live very comfortably. I’m not tired or stressed from the daily demands of an office job anymore. Instead, I look forward to seeing my kids after school and going to the beach before dinner.

There are just under 100,000 websites that have advice on how to learn affiliate marketing. Truthfully, I can tell you that there are only 3 that have valid education about how to do affiliate marketing and using tools to make more money. Don’t be fooled by videos and blogs that tout they can teach you affiliate marketing in a hour. It’s impossible. There is alot of money to be made and doing it is a balance of art and business. You can’t learn this in an hour. For less than $100, you really can learn it all and gain access to the secrets of Super Affiliates.

Basically, Affiliate Marketing Is…

Selling other people’s stuff and earning a commission. The best part of affiliate marketing is that, really, you are just getting visitors to your site then clicking the links to the products. Merchants do all the work. Merchants do the selling, processing payments, maintaining inventory and performing customer service. The stories and grab lines you have seen that claim affiliate marketers earning hundreds of thousands a year – or thousands a day – are absolutely possible. You can easily join the ranks.

Jupiter Research Finds That Online Affiliate Marketing Spending Will Continue to Grow, Reaching $3.3 Billion in 2012

Learn Affiliate Marketing from the Ground Up…

So many of my friends have asked me to show them how to ‘do’ affiliate marketing. Until tools like WordPress came along affiliate marketers had to know how to design a website or online marketing. Now, thanks to 2009 technology, all you need to be able to do is use the internet and follow the steps laid out for you.

Ground Up Affiliate Marketing covers everything from setting up web hosting, using WordPress templates optimized for affiliate marketing, through to using social networking sites to drive traffic to your site.

You Will Discover:

100+ pages of education and tools Which affiliate programs to join How to discover profitable niches How to select products WordPress Using WordPress website templates Which tools to use Copywriting technicques Effective advertising Using social networking sites to your advantage Benefits of Being an Affiliate Marketer…

A better lifestyle – there’s no other way to sum it all up. Stop dreaming about having a life / work balance and make it a reality.

Earning money online puts you in control of your own future. Even through dips in the economy, affiliate marketing remains to be profitable. Get control over whether or not you will have a job next month or when and where you work by owning your own business.

Just think of it… no more cubicle, no office politics, higher salary potential and days off whenever you want them.

Get out of your cube and spring board your opportunity to a new career!


Affiliate Marketing by Seagate Web Solutions

www.undergroundtraininglab.com In early 2008 I spoke at the Secret Society of Traffic and Conversion Seminar for my friends Buck Rizvi and Brock Felt. The attendees paid thousands to be there but I’m sharing my 3 hour presentation from the seminar with you for free. I outlined the social networking and web 2.0 strategies that I personally use to drive tons of traffic to build my list and make more sales. I covered dozens of topics including, but not limited to, internet marketing, creating a sales funnel, search engine optimization (seo), myspace, youtube, squidoo, email marketing, wordpress, rss feeds, openx ad server, affiliate marketing, blogs, getting more traffic to your sites, social profile pages, social networking, social media, and more! Consumer Notice This video may contain a paid affiliate link.

We’ve heard a lot of business consultants in recent months saying that marketing is becoming less one sided. Yet businesses around the globe are seeing the rewards of conversations with their customers – and the top business advice says blogging is the way to do it. In this show we speak to a handful of the world’s top online conversation experts, including Penny Power founder of Ecademy, thought leadership strategist David Meerman Scott, blogging guru Shel Israel, Jeremy Wright CEO of b5media, Bryan Eisenberg co-founder of Future Now. Once you’ve seen this show, you’ll know how blogging can free up the channels for conversation, how that will get people more interested in what you do, and how that can translate directly into sales. Looking for more free tips and advice on how you could be making more sales? There are hundreds more shows to watch and post up on your own website or blog! See More – just visit www.yourbusinesschannel.com

SEE THE UPDATED VERSION OF THIS TUTORIAL HERE: www.youtube.com This Intermediate-level wordpress tutorial shows how to change your theme when your site is hosted on wordpress.com. It also shows you how to find a new theme on a site like themes.wordpress.net, download it to your computer, unzip and upload it to the wp-content – themes folder on your web hosting server, and activate it using Dashboard – Presentation. If you need help with using FTP software (required for this tutorial) just send me a comment.

www.merchantdesigner.com Select a design and see what it looks like with sample content to get an idea of how great your store can look when using Merchant Designer.

wordpress 2.7 Introduction with Scott Frangos of webfadds.com. Scott gives you an overview with some great editing tips, plus a very helpful optimization tip for conversions at your websites. Conversions occur when a visitor “converts” to a lead, or a customer — any action they take that moves them closer to your business objectives. Scott is a Website and Business Blog Developer and Optimization consultant focused on Content Management Solutions on the wordpress Platform, and the strategies of Optimize – Connect – Convert.

Optimizing your blog for the search engines is crucial and very important! There are so many different blogs out there on the net that you’ll quickly sink to the bottom if you don’t optimize. Follow these seven tips below and you’ll be well on your way to high rankings.

#1 – Create the Right Permalink Structure

The permalinks WordPress uses by default are not search engine friendly. You can make this simple change by inserting %postname% instead of the default that is already there. This will successfully create URL’s that include your post name which should include your targeted keywords.

#2 – Install All in One SEO Plugin

This is a must-have plugin which allows you to specify a title, description, and the keywords for the search engines. It can really help you boost up and reach the top of the listings, whereas the standard WP installation can fall short.

#3 – Install Related Posts Plugin

Search engines love it when they get content pages that are interlinked. It also works very well for the search engines. It will automatically include links to other posts that are similar. Very convenient!

#4 – Research your Keywords

When people search, they search by keyword. It is vital that you know what these keywords are if you want to rank at the top of the search engines. Your posts should be centered around these keywords.

#5 – Include Your Keywords in the Title

In the title of your blog you need to include your main keyword. Also, include your main keyword and select others in the titles of your posts and sprinkle throughout your pages.

#6 – Make Your Blog Easy to Navigate

Easy navigation is essential for your guests and the search engines as it makes it easier for the guests. That means including your blog’s categories, recent posts (to make sure they get indexed) and pages. Easy navigation is also part of choosing a good design.

#7 – Expand the Ping List

When you make a new blog post WordPress will “ping” the blog search engines. This alerts them that content on your site has changed and ready for guests to view. This can help you get indexed fast so you can start making money even faster. Do a Google search to find an expanded ping list you can include in your wp-admin so you make sure you get as many of these sites to update you as possible.

Using these seven plugins will make your job of ranking highly in the search engines easier than ever. If you’re new to blogging with WordPress then these terms may seem incredibly strange to you right now. As you study them and go over them a couple times, put them into action and it will start to feel like second nature!


Deepak Bansal, one of the most experienced and successful Internet Marketing Consultant, was interviewed by National TV, India. He has proven to be world wide leader in the domain of internet marketing at a young age of 24. His Company “Clearpath Technology” with a team of over 225 professionals, handling over 2000 websites, is the biggest ever company in the domain of internet marketing, search engine optimization and web development.

Opera Mini – Photo blogging on MySpace

Post photos to your myspace account using Opera Mini

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